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Reply To: Sagittarius Full Moon


I am loving this extra information about the effects of the astrologogical sign of the current moon as well as its phases. Interestingly, I’ve notice that I keep meeting people – the past two weeks especially pronounced – with whom I seem to connect intensely. These are random strangers in lineups or in a store who suddenly open up and start telling me their deepest life experiences! I had one lady whom I’d met twice before to purchase items but who I barely know showing me her mastectomy scars , talking about all kinds of family history and her own… another random woman in a lineup as we were waiting told me all about her childhood being bullied and how she felt ashamed and what happened when her father died. I’m not kidding, this is happening left right and center. I’m certain this relates somehow to who I am and probably to current planetary and moon cycles. Just paying attention to learn more at present. Life fascinates me!!