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Reply To: Full Moon in Scorpio Spread


This was actually the first time I can recall doing a Full Moon spread, since I typically only do a New Moon spread. That’s about to change because this was such a powerful experience. And not only for myself.

My spread for the 5/18/19 Scorpio Full Moon.
1. #12 A Change in the Wind: Accepting that things are swiftly changing – many of which I have no control over.
2. #49 Observer: – Take a step back and change perspective if needed.
3. #44 (Rev): Don’t over analyze or overthink. Nurture & weed my dream garden
4. #48 Poised: Already there; being confident and at my best for the highest good
5. #52 Mending: For me, this is about forgiveness and letting go of old hurts and wounds.

With the intense emotions of this Scorpio Full Moon, I found myself helping others through some very sticky and icky personal problems and high anxiety. This spread not only was powerful for me, but helped me remain grounded and poised for whatever changes & situations came up. And since I had already been forewarned not to overthink any situations, I simply took a step back, took a deep breath, and guided from a higher perspective.